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  • 3D Animator

    Bring life to our cast of characters!

  • Art Intern

    Get your gaming career started with Wandake!

  • UI Artist

    Extensive knowledge of creating user interfaces for Mobile games and experience using Unity 3d.

  • Lead Animator

    Extensive knowledge in Maya

  • Lead Tech Artist

    Extensive knowledge in Maya and experience using Unity 3D

  • Lead Systems Design

    Solid experience in PVP System Design for a MOBA or RTS game

  • Lead Unity Gameplay Engineer

    Extensive knowledge in Unity 3D & c# scripting

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At Wandake, we're not just a team but a family of talented, energetic, and hungry game developers from all areas of the globe driven by flexibility, ownership, and passion in an early stage startup.

If you have lots of energy and think you have what it takes to build the world’s best games from scratch, we want you to join us! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you before you can blink. Well, at least as soon as soon as we can.

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